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It all started on day when I, George DeCell, decided to vacuum clean the house. I removed a standard sized outlet plug to plug in the vacuum and set the plug on our kitchen table, or at least I thought I did. 
My daughter, a young toddler, found the plug, put it into her mouth and began choking. So I saved her life and then started wondering about the size and shape of these so called safety plugs. 
I thought to myself... "Why are they so small? I bought these to protect my daughter from electrical outlets yet they put her in harms way." 
I tried to convince a few of the plug manufacturers to change their design, to some how make them safe, but to no avail. I was just about to give up, after months thinking about how to make them safer, it finally dawned on me to make them in the shape of a pacifier including the air holes. 
So I spent months working to create the safest product on the market which was not easy. The day I received my first sample, that made me cry.
George DeCell -Inventor
SafetyCaps is a family owned business located in Fairfax, Vermont. We have worked hard to keep our product American made, in fact, even our logo'd caps are stamped in the USA.
Our mission is simple... To better protect our children, employ Americans helping to put food on their family's table, and to educate parents, hospitals, daycares, schools and the general public about the importance of electrical safety in homes and all throughout our community. 
Our clientele include over 250 hospitals, hundreds of daycares, many restaurants and even a few celebrities homes. We wholesale our product to safety coalitions throughout the United States and into Canada. Many of the child product safety companies are now selling our SafetyCaps with great success. 
Our internet presence is ever growing which excites us to know that more and more people are thinking about electrical outlet safety. A positive sign that we are winning!  
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